Monday, 20 June 2011

Bridesmaids review (The List, Issue 681)

Kristen Wiig (Adventureland, Whip It!) comes close to grasping the comedy crown from her Saturday Night Live colleague Tina Fey with this hilarious reinvigoration of the chick flick. As co-writer and star, Wiig disposes of traditional schmaltzy predictability, replacing it with the kind of frank raunchiness that’s led to success for blokey comedies like The Hangover and I Love You, Man. With the added oversight of gold-plated comedy producer Judd Apatow, Wiig clearly has her sights set on similar box office glory.

Wiig plays Annie, a 30-something singleton who has settled for less than her ideal, working as a shop assistant since her self-run cake shop went bankrupt, and occasionally falling into bed with commitment-phobic sleaze-bag Ted (Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, stealing every scene he’s in). When her newly-engaged best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) asks her to be chief bridesmaid Annie is delighted, until she meets Helen (Rose Byrne), Lillian’s new best friend; a beautiful, rich bitch who seems intent on driving a stake between Annie and Lillian.

Bridesmaids has all the hallmarks that the association with Apatow suggests: the main characters act in a refreshingly realistic and believable manner, the cast list overflows with comedy talent – Brit Chris O’Dowd is a stand-out – and the jokes are very funny, unapologetically resisting the boundaries of taste and decency (you won’t quickly forget the dress-fitting scene). The only flaw is that the film is let down by weak storytelling; the script fails to connect Annie’s personal journey with the overarching wedding story and, more problematically, director Paul Feig allows scenes that should be moving the story forward to outstay their welcome for the sake of dragging out a joke. Like a drunk wedding guest, Bridesmaids is very funny, but someone should really have kept it under control.

General release from Weds 22nd Jun. This review first published in The List magazine.


  1. This looks like the best kind of rental; fun and entertaining, nothing too thought provoking. Not sure if it's worth 11 euros to see in the movies though. Appatow does reqally well with the films he actually directs, so when it's just his production I get vary cause it feels like there's just his stamp on it to get more money (which it prob is 80%) but in this case the film seems to have its own merits as well.

  2. don't let the Apatow production-only credit put you off; it's the great script and performances that make this great. Also, it's worth seeing in the cinema because it's not very often you find a comedy that will have the whole audience laughing together - this one does.

  3. I loved all the characters in Bridesmaids, but my favorite would have to be Melissa McCarthy who played Megan. Megan was the favorite character of many of my friends. She was the one who made me laugh the most apart from Kristen Wiig. Both of them were perfect in this movie. I loved the whole movie though. Once I return it, I plan on seeing it again very soon. I am a customer and employee of DISH Network, and I know that on October 1, Blockbuster is releasing a movie pass that will open thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows on your TV or computer! Plus, since its Blockbuster, you can always rent Blu-rays at no additional cost! Of course, since it is available on October 1, here is where you can get notified! That way, you can see Bridesmaids for yourself!