Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Richard Attenborough Film Awards

These awards, snappily abbreviated to the RAFAs, were set up four years ago as a way for regional film critics like me to name their favourite film of the year. Because, y'know, even though there's a gazillion awards in the world already, it's important for us to have one of our own too. Honest. Anyway, it's been very successful and expanded last year to include a public vote section, in which voting is currently open until the end of January for cinemagoers to vote in nine different award categories for films released in the UK in 2009. All with the patronage of the quite wonderful Lord Attenborough himself.

All the info on the public voting categories can be found here, or if you're a UK regional film critic you can vote here.

The winners will be revealed at the end of the month, so I guess I'd better get my votes in. Transformers 2, anyone?

That's a joke, by the way. Please don't vote for Transformers 2. Please.

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